Garmin GC 10 Marine Camera NTSC Format

Garmin GC 10 Marine Camera NTSC Format

The Garmin GC10 Marine Camera allows you to monitor other areas of the vessel that you could not normally see. Keep an eye in the engine room or in the cockpit for more situational awareness. Available in Standard or Reverse Imaging.
GAX11372   MAN#: 010-11372-00   ID#: 2744
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The Garmin GC 10 acts as an extra set of eyes on your vessel. Whether you’re backing out of a boat-filled marina or simply keeping tabs on your engine room, you’ll have the information you need to make decisions while on the move; it’s like being in two places at once.

Focused on Convenience

Video from the Garmin GC 10 can be viewed via on-board televisions, video monitors or compatible chartplotters that support video input. It’s convenience that means you won’t have to add separate hardware that’s device-specific to view your feed. There also are standard and reverse-image cameras for you to choose from. The reverse-image cameras reverse the video on your screen – perfect for backing out of tight locations. And with infra-red functionality, you'll be able to view your surroundings in low-light conditions.The Garmin GC 10 has a 74-degree viewing angle.

Built to Last

Durable and waterproof, the Garmin GC 10 was built to brave the elements. It features a small and unobtrusive design in a rugged housing that makes it easy to mount almost anywhere on your boat. The GC 10 exterior is anodized with a powder-coated aluminum housing that's corrosion-resistant for long-term use. And it works inside or outside – so you’ll have the flexibility to monitor a variety of locations depending on your needs.

Each GC10 Camera comes with: GC10 Marine Camera (standard or reverse image), mounting screws, allen wrench, BNC video connector and power cable, BNC to RCA Adapter and a One-Year Warranty.
Special Features
  • White powder-coated aluminum housing for corrosion resistance.
  • NTSC video output to interface with TV, video monitors or compatible chartplotters.
  • infra-red functionality for low light situations.
  • Small and light at only 2.25" diameter and 11.3 oz.


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