Garmin GMR 624 xHD2 6KW Digital Radar with 4' Open Array
  • Garmin GMR 624 xHD2 6KW Digital Radar with 4' Open Array
  • Garmin GMR 624 xHD2 6KW Digital Radar with 4' Open Array
  • Garmin GMR 624 xHD2 6KW Digital Radar with 4' Open Array

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Garmin GMR 624 xHD2 6KW Digital Radar with 4' Open Array

Garmin’s 624xHD2 6KW high definition radar with 4’ open array provides exceptional target separation along with a 1.8 degree horizontal beamwidth. A compact 4’ antenna provides the performance you have come to love and expect from Garmin. With 6kw output power and reaching up to 72 nm the 624xHD2 is designed for sport fisherman or yachts over 40’.
GA0001209   MAN#: K10-00012-09   ID#: 4246
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High powered, High Definition Radar with 1.8 degree beamwidth


Garmin’s GMR 624 xHD offers a smaller 4’ open array for boats that may be limited in space and cannot provide room for the rotation of a 6’ array. A 4’ open array with 6 kW of power provides high sensitivity with a 1.8’ beamwidth. Offering many of the features of the larger 6’ open array, the 6 kW high definition open array of the GMR 624 xHD2 has the power to deliver excellent range, up to 72 nautical miles, in dark or near dark conditions, like fog, or heavy rain.

With the 1.8’ beamwidth of the 624 xHD2 it still displays a clear image of the targets whether they are the shoreline, Call for Help with Marine Electronics other vessels or impending weather right on your Garmin chartplotter. This 4’ Open Array provides plenty of power and separation when set in “Bird Mode”, to highlight feeding birds on the display, a great asset to the serious fisherman.

Another feature that is contained in the GMR 624 xHD2 Radar is a primary one for safety called “Guard Zone”, that the operator sets a distance for the radar to alarm when an object enters that zone. Dual Range and Dual Radar Support are two of the more sophisticated features of the 624 xHD2, they offer the display to split and show two radar ranges on one screen (near and far) and with Dual Radar Support a redundancy and ability for each display on the boat to select data from one of two different radars on the boat. Connecting your GMR 624 xHD2 to a compass or heading sensor and you are able to set up “Radar Overlay” which means the direction or the information displayed by your radar will match up with the direction of the information shown by your chartplotter.

If you are a serious mariner, whether a large pleasure cruiser or sport fisher, and want outstanding performance, but don’t have room for the swing of a 6’ open array then the Garmin GMR 624 xHD2 4’ Open array is a great option for you.

Garmin GMR 624 xHD2 Details
Each Garmin GMR 624 xHD2 comes with: GMR 624 xHD2, Mounting hardware kit and template, Power cable (15 meters), Network cable (15 meters), Cable grommet, Documentation and a Two-Year Warranty.
Array Dimension :4’ - 52.25"W (With Caps) x 5"H x 6.75"D, 12.2 lbs
Pedestal Dimension :20.5"W x 12.75"H x 12.5"D, 47.1 lbs
Garmin GMR 624 xHD2 Special Features
  • 6 kW high-definition radar with 4-foot open array
  • High sensitivity with 1.8 degree horizontal beamwidth
  • Dual range radar with dual radar support
  • Bird Mode
  • Guard Zone


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