Garmin GPSMAP 7612 Network Chartplotter
  • Garmin GPSMAP 7612 Network Chartplotter
  • Garmin GPSMAP 7612 Network Chartplotter
  • Garmin GPSMAP 7612 Network Chartplotter

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Garmin GPSMAP 7612 Network Chartplotter

Garmin’s 7612 Multi-Function Display with Internal 10Hz GPS Receiver quickly and accurately locks into position and shows your vessel moving swiftly on top of the preloaded LakeVu HD and Bluechart G2 coastal maps. A bright 12” Multi-Touch Display with Full Network capabilities the 7612 is a must have for any cruiser, fisherman or sailor.
GA0130711   MAN#: 010-01307-11   ID#: 4206
(Rating 90)
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Garmin GPSMAP 7612xsv Chartplotter Sounder

Garmin’s GPSMAP 7612xsv is a Fully Network Capable GPS/Fishfinder with preloaded maps for US Lake and Coastal Waters. HD-ID Sonar, 1kW CHIRP Sonar, CHIRP DownVu and CHIRP SideVu. Built in Wi-Fi. Now enjoy FLIR Camera Compatibility, Smart Boundaries, and More. Transducer Required and Sold Separately.
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GA0130713    MAN#: 010-01307-13    ID#: 4202
(Rating 90)
Price: $3,169.00
Availability: In Stock
Condition: Brand New

Large 12” Multi-Touch Sunlight Viewable Display

Marine GPS Has Touch Screen Waterproof Sunlight Viewable Network Capable

A fully networkable system with a 12” multi-touch 1280 x 800 display with a low profile design, the Garmin GPSMAP 7612 is a chartplotter that has an abundance of features to take your offshore experience to a whole new level. At the forefront it comes preloaded with LakeVu and g2 Bluechart mapping and can be further enhanced within its 2 SD card ports with Garmin’s g2 Vision SD card for high resolution satellite imagery and 3d perspective, auto guidance, and more. LakeVu provides 1’ contours for up to 5,700 U.S. lakes and shows underwater features like riverbeds, hazards, bridges just to name a few. NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 marine networking capability provide you with an abundance of interfacing options, even sharing numerical data with other manufacturer’s products. The 7612 is a fully networkable device which means you can customize your navigation package as you would like. Whether it’s only adding on radar or a more complete setup with add ons like; multiple screens, autopilot, instruments, thermal camera, sonar and more. The built in high sensitivity 10 Hz GLONASS GPS receiver updates your position 10 times per second keeping your heading and position displayed with extreme accuracy.

The 7612’s WXGA color display has superior resolution, and can be flat mounted, flush mounted or bail mounted. giving you a variety of installation options. Garmin not only considers the avid boater, but also sailors and the GPS MAP 7612 is full of new sailing features and display options. Features like improved COG lines, wind rose and laylines as well as a tide/current/slider and true wind Call for Help with Marine Electronics data fields and ability to add a gWind transducers. Choose from a wireless wind transducer or a wired wind transducer which connects via NMEA 2000 with a GND 10 black box bridge. If you are far away from the display you can use the optional GRID remote or your iOS device to control and operate effortlessly. GRID (Garmin Remote Input Device) has a joystick, rotary knob, and button controls to guide you through controlling displays at a station with a single keypad. As if that weren’t enough there is a video input which offers full-screen viewing showing you the big picture. Stay ahead of what Mother Nature has in store by adding on the Sirius XM weather and radio receiver for up to the minute weather conditions and on board entertainment. The 7612 is AIS compatible so that you will have more confidence when on the water by being able to see other vessels that are transmitting AIS and increasing your situational awareness. You can also control power, volume/mute, audio controls, source and more with compatible Polk, Rockford Fosgate and JL Audio systems through NMEA 2000.

Adding to the capability of the GPSMAP 7400, 7600, and 8000 series these plotters can control and stream video from the VIRB X/XE camera. You can now connect up to 5 VIRB X/XE cameras at one time. The screen of the chartplotter can be split to view up to four of the cameras at once, while each camera can be named for easy identification. Not only can you stream video but you actually gain control of each camera and its functions. G-Metrix data can be sent through a NMEA 2000 network and overlaid on the screen using the VIRB X/XE camera. Record video or take snapshots using your VIRB X/XE and with the Garmin Helm App you can save, share and view on the screen of your marine device.

On the back of the 7612 you’ll find 2 NMEA 2000 ports, 2 composite video input ports, 2 Marine Network ports, and 1 DVI-D video output port. Remember you also have the luxury of wireless connectivity as well thanks to the built in Wi-Fi/ ANT technology. With the Garmin Helm App you can control and view your GPS Map 7612 via your iPhone, iPad, or Android tablet or phone. Garmin Helm allows for up to 5 mobile devices in unison, and even lets you record a movie and view within the 7612 display to enjoy with those around you.

Garmin has improved the functionality of this unit since its release through Software Updates adding Chart and Weather Layers Simplification with the Layers menu. Switching between layers and adding multiple layers is quick and intuitive. ‘On Screen Controls’ also allow for improved ease of use. No more searching for the controls for commonly adjusted items as they will now remain present on the screen. Create ‘Smart Boundaries’ and assign them with appropriate SmartModes. Your display will switch to the appropriate screen when entering a Smart Boundary. Entering a docking area? Designate it at as a boundary and your screen will instantly switch to a Docking screen as soon as your vessel enters the territory you assigned. FLIR Camera Support is another feature enabled with by updating your software. All next generation M-series models and new digital models are supported with continuous zoom support and gyro stabilization control. Need to give your MFD a rest? Expanded Sleep Mode will enable the user to turn off the backlight and sonar transmissions and can also place a networked autopilot into standby. This feature will not work if a networked unit is requiring sonar from that unit. As you can see, Garmin is continually developing new ways to support and improve their existing product line. Software updates are quick, simple and free of charge.

This unit can now display Yamaha’s Certified Gauge Page as a result of the Garmin February software update. The GAX12770 cable is required to connect the unit to the Yamaha bus in order to use this new feature.

If you have been considering graduating to a larger display that combines all the familiar features and ease of use you have come to know of previous Garmin units combined with advanced technology you will want to consider the Garmin 7612.

The 010-01307-11 replaces the 010-01307-01 May 2016.

Garmin GPSMAP 7612 Details
Each Garmin GPSMAP 7612 comes with: GPSMAP 7612 with worldwide basemap preloaded with U.S. BlueChart® g2 and U.S. LakeVü™ HD, Power/data cable, NMEA 2000® drop cable, T-connector, Bail mount with knobs, Flush mount kit, Protective cover, Grommet, Documentation and a Two-Year Warranty.
Size:13"W x 8.9"H x 3.1"D
Display Size:12” Diag.
Garmin GPSMAP 7612 Special Features
  • 5,000 Waypoints/100 Routes
  • 12” multitouch Display
  • GVC & GSD sonar compatible
  • FUSION-Link compatible
  • FLIR Camera Support, Simplified Layers and More.

Garmin BlueChart G2 Vison Charts on SD
Vision SD Card For more information on the plug and play Garmin BlueChart G2 Vision chart cards click here for a full list of the available regions.
More information

Garmin GPSMAP 7612 Specifications
# Of Waypoints # Of Routes Track log Receiver Type Display Size Manuals and Instructions
5,000 100 50,000 points 50 saved tracks 10Hz Garmin GPS/GLONASS receiver Color 12" Diag. 1280 x 800 Click Here

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Product Accessories for Garmin GPSMAP 7612 Network Chartplotter

Garmin GXM 53 Sirius XM Marine Receiver
The Garmin GXM53 Sirius XM Marine Receiver provides continuous weather and entertainment to your compatible Garmin Chartplotter. Added Confidence and Peace of Mind comes with the GXM 53 as you can view current weather conditions and forecasts right on your display in real time while on the open water.
Order Now through December 31st, 2018 from The GPS Store and Get a $100 Mail-In Rebate and Your First 2 Months Free from SiriusXM!
Your Price:$619.95
Garmin SteadyCast Heading Sensor
Garmin's SteadyCast Heading Sensor offers a simple solution to heading accuracy. Easy to Install with a 10Hz output rate and accuracy to +/- 3°
Your Price:$129.95
Garmin GMR Fantom 24 Refurbished Radar Dome
Garmin’s GMR Fantom 24” Dome Radar offers Solid state pulse compression, 40W of Transmit Power, Motionscope Technology using the Doppler effect and 20ft to 48NM Range with a 3.7° Beam width.
Special Buy, Save $600 Now!
Your Price:$2,199.00
Garmin LakeVu HD Ultra US
Get high definition lake maps for your compatible Garmin GPS with the Garmin LakeVu HD Ultra US.
LakeVu HD Ultra is Compatible Only with: Garmin GPSMAP 5x7, 7x1, 7x2, 8x0, 9x2, 10x0, 12x2, 12x2 Touch, 7200, 7600, 8200 and 8600 Chartplotter Series, ECHOMAP Plus 40, 60,70 & 90 Combo Series, echoMAP CHIRP 40, 50, 70 & 90 Combo Series. (Software update may be required to support LakeVu HD Ultra mapping).
Your Price:$169.95
Garmin GSD 24 Marine Network Sounder
The Garmin GSD 24 provides high powered fishfinding and depth tracking capabilities to your Garmin marine network. With up to 2kw of power, the GSD24 is a plug and play add on to your Compatible Garmin chartplotter.
Your Price:$549.95
Garmin GMR 18xHD High-Definition Radar Dome
The Garmin 18 xHD provides high resolution targeting thanks to its Dynamic Auto Gain and Dynamic Sea Filter which continually adjust to your surroundings. See storms and precipitation as far out as 48nm and zoom in closer to see boats, buoys and land.
Your Price:$1,339.00
Garmin GMR 24xHD High-Definition Radar Dome
The Garmin GMR 24xHD High-Definition Radar Dome is a perfect option for the weekend cruiser or the tournament fisherman. The sleek design paired with 4kw digital high-definition performance will help you navigate in the dark or find a group of boats on the fish.
Your Price:$2,019.00
Garmin 8-Pin Power Cable for GPSMAP 8x0, 10x0, 12x2 Touch and GPSMAP 74/7600 Series
Garmin 8-Pin Power Cable for GPSMAP 8x0, 8x0xs, 10x0, 10x0xs, 12x2 Touch, 7400, 7400xvs, 7600 and 7600xsv Series Chartplotter and Chartplotter/Fishfinder Models
Your Price:$24.95
Garmin GSD 26 Digital Spread Spectrum Sounder
The Garmin GSD 26 utilizes Garmin’s Spread Spectrum technology to sweep a range of frequencies with each sonar pulse to create unprecedented resolution and target imaging in waters down to 10,000’. Adjustable frequency and adjustable transmit power make this a top choice for sport fisherman around the world.
Your Price:$1,579.00
Garmin GRID Garmin Remote Input Device
The Garmin GRID Garmin Remote Input Device offers maximum control of your GPSMAP 7x2, 7x2xs,9x2,9x2xs, 10x2, 10x2xs, 12x2,12x2xs, 7600, 7600xsv and  8000 Glass Helm series without ever touching the crystal clear glass display. Rotary knob and joystick enable you to easily navigate thru menus and screens on any number of networked displays.
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Your Price:$399.99
Garmin Panoptix PS30 Down Looking Transducer
View Fish and Bait swimming around your boat in Real Time with Garmin Panoptix PS30 Transom Mount Transducer. Connected via the Garmin Network the PS-30 Transducer provides LiveVü Down, RealVü 3-D Down and RealVü 3-D Historical.
Your Price:$1,499.99
Garmin GSD 25 Marine Network Sounder
The Garmin GSD 25 premium network sounder module was built with the serious offshore fisherman in mind. Exceptional fish finding capabilities when paired with a compatible GPSMAP 7400/7600 or GPSMAP 8000 Series MFD. Dual Channel 1kW CHIRP, including DownVu and SideVu. Reaches depths of 5,000 feet.
Your Price:$699.95
Garmin GCV 10 Sounder Module for SideVu & DownVu with Transducer
Garmin GCV 10 Sounder for SideVu, DownVu and Chirp is an all in one black box module that adds ultra-clear sonar images of bottom, structure and fish beside and below your boat. Includes GT30-TM Transom Mount Transducer.
Your Price:$499.95
Garmin GCV 10 Sounder Module for SideVu & DownVu without Transducer
Garmin GCV 10 Sounder for SideVu, DownVu and Chirp is an all in one black box module that adds ultra-clear sonar images of bottom, structure and fish beside and below your boat.
Your Price:$319.95
Garmin GMR 1224 xHD2 12KW Digital Radar with 4' Open Array
The Garmin GMR 1224xHD2 is the most powerful, compact 4’ open array radar available. With 12kw ouput power and a narrow 1.8 degree beamwidth the 1224xHD2 reaches up to 72 nm. Whether cruising or fishing offshore this radar is sure to increase your situational awareness. Featuring Bird Mode, Echo Trails, Dual Range and More.
Your Price:$5,799.99
Garmin GMR 1226 xHD2 12KW Digital Radar with 6' Open Array
The Garmin GMR 1226xHD2 is Garmin’s most powerful open array radar available. With 12kw ouput power, a 6’ open array antenna and a narrow 1.1 degree beamwidth the 1226xHD2 reaches up to 72 nm and provides the clearest, best resolution images right on your chartplotter. Whether cruising or fishing offshore this radar is sure to increase your situational awareness.
Your Price:$6,599.99
Garmin GMR 404 xHD 4KW Digital Radar with 4' Open Array
The Garmin GMR 404 xHD Digital 4' Open-Array Radar has 4kw of output power and a maximum range of 72 nautical miles. It can also scan in dual range for better situation awareness. See storms, boats, buoys, land and birds in the dark or in the fog.
Your Price:$3,699.00
Garmin GMR 424 xHD2 4KW Digital Radar with 4' Open Array
Garmin’s 424xHD2 4KW high definition radar with 4’ open array provides exceptional target separation along with a1.8 degree horizontal beamwidth. Designed for sport fisherman and yachts less than 40’ the 424xHD2 reaches up to 72nm. Dual Range, Dynamic Auto Gain, Dynamic Sea Filter, Radar Overlay and More
Your Price:$3,999.99
Garmin GFS10 Fuel Sensor
The Garmin GFS 10 Fuel Sensor provides fuel flow and fuel level measurement data. You can view this information on your compatible Garmin NMEA2000 compliant chartplotter, GPS/FF combo or GMI 10 display.
Your Price:$144.95
Garmin GMI 20 Marine Instrument Display
Garmin’s GMI20 will clearly Display NMEA2000 data from devices on your NMEA2K system like Depth, Speed and Wind. The Large 4” Bonded Color Display offers both day and night modes.
Order Now and Get Free FedEx Ground Shipping!
Your Price:$549.99
Garmin GMI20 with gWind and DST800 Transducer Bundle
Garmin’s GMI20 with 4” display provides vital NMEA2000 data from the included Wind, Speed and Temp transducers. With both Day and night modes the GMI20 provides easy to view information.
Your Price:$1,299.00
Garmin GMR 2526 xHD2 25kw 6ft Open Array Radar
Garmin’s GMR 2526 xHD2 Radar with 6’ Open Array Antenna and 25kW of power provide an expanded maximum range of 96nm. 8-Bit True Color Display, Pulse Expansion, Auto Bird Gain, Echo Trails and Much More. Perfect for serious anglers and long-distance cruisers.
Your Price:$8,999.99
Garmin 9-Axis Heading Sensor
Garmins 9 Axis Heading Sensor provides accuracy +/- 2°. 10Hz Output Rate ensures your chart orientation and boat heading is accurate with reality. Premium Heading Accuracy at low speeds and even when bow is pitching, rolling or heeling over.
Your Price:$579.95
Garmin GMR Fantom 18 Radar Dome
Garmin’s GMR Fantom 18” Dome Radar offers Solid state pulse compression, 40W of Transmit Power, Motionscope Technology using the Doppler effect and 20ft to 48NM Range with a 5.2° Beam width.
Your Price:$1,999.99
Garmin GMR Fantom 24 Radar Dome
Garmin’s GMR Fantom 24” Dome Radar offers Solid state pulse compression, 40W of Transmit Power, Motionscope Technology using the Doppler effect and 20ft to 48NM Range with a 3.7° Beam width.
Your Price:$2,799.99
Garmin Panoptix PS31 Forward Looking Transducer
View bottom, structure and fish swimming around and in front of your boat in real time with Garmin's Panoptix PS 31. Connected via the Garmin Marine Network the PS31 provides Forward and RealVü 3-D Forward views.
Your Price:$1,499.99
Garmin Panoptix PS51-TH LiveVu Forward Transducer
The PS-51 LiveVu Forward Thru Hull Transducer from Garmin is a forward looking sonar with a narrow 20° beam that shows you what lies ahead of your boat in real time, helping to avoid the possibility of running aground.
Your Price:$1,499.99
Garmin Panoptix PS60 Thru-Hull Down Transducer
Garmin’s Panoptix PS60 Thru-Hull Down Transducer enables you to see fish and bait swimming under your boat in real time! Connected via Garmin’s Marine Network you will receive LiveVü Down, RealVü 3-D Down and RealVü 3-D Historical views.
Your Price:$3,999.99
Garmin Panoptix PS22-TR Transducer
The PS22-TR Trolling Motor Mounted Panoptix Transducer From Garmin provides real time views all around and below your boat with LiveVu Forward and LiveVu Down. Wherever your Trolling Motor is mounted you will see live images of what's going on in the water!
Your Price:$999.99
Garmin GMS 10 Network Port Expander
Garmin GMS 10 Network Port Expander.
Your Price:$234.95