Garmin fenix 3 Sapphire Titanium GPS Wrist Watch  
  • Garmin fenix 3 Sapphire Titanium GPS Wrist Watch
  • Garmin fenix 3 Sapphire Titanium GPS Wrist Watch
  • Garmin fenix 3 Sapphire Titanium GPS Wrist Watch

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Garmin fenix 3 Sapphire Titanium GPS Wrist Watch

The Fenix 3 Sapphire Titanium from Garmin is a Sleek and Stylish Multi-Sport GPS Training Watch. Rugged and Waterproof, the Fenix 3 combines the best of outdoor and fitness into a light GPS/Training Wrist Watch. The Fenix 3 allows the user to mark waypoints and navigate with ABC Technology (Altimeter, Barometer and Compass) Designed with a 1.2” Chroma Display with domed Sapphire Lens.
GA0133840   MAN#: 010-01338-40   ID#: 4837
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Rugged, Sleek, Stylish GPS Training Watch

Sunlight Viewable Running GPS Hiking GPS

Garmin's Fenix 3 Sapphire includes a Titanium band as well as a Black Silicone Band and has a 1.2” sapphire lens which is stronger than tempered glass and even more resistant to scratches.

Like the top of the line Garmin Handheld GPS the fenix 3 Sapphire provides navigation and tracking functionalities to guide you on and off the beaten path. With the fenix 3 Sapphire you can still drop a “bread crumb trail” and mark waypoints that you can navigate too when you need. The ABC sensors (Alitmeter, Barometer and Compass) and time of the fenix 3 Sapphire are automatically calibrated by the GPS so you no longer have to calibrate the altimeter to a known elevation to start the day. The track log created from your day of off road trekking can be downloaded using Garmin BaseCamp to share with family or friends. This information can also be shared wirelessly using the fenix 3 Sapphire because it is equipped with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart.

A improved, higher sensitivity EXO stainless steel antenna is built into the bezel around the face of the fenix 3 Sapphire and makes this fenix .1 of an inch slimmer than previous models. Advanced running features, The fenix 3 Sapphire incorporates Garmin’s running watch capabilites and provides feedback on your running form and further information on your form can be gained by using one of Garmin’s compatible heart rate monitors, which would gather data on your VO2 to reflect the aerobic physical fitness of the individual.The fenix 3 is not limited to just running though it also comes with special feature sets for swimming and skiing.

In swimming, the fenix 3 is rated to 100 meters and borrows from the Swim the ability to track your distance, pace, stroke count and more. For skiing the fenix 3 puts speed, distance, vertical drop and an automatic run counter at your finger tips. Most remarkable of all the features of the fenix 3 Sapphire with metal band is its great looks that you can customize using Connect IQ to fit your demands no matter which function you want to display. From the ConnectIQ store you can get the Surf Tracker App. The Surf Tracker app can also show your total number of waves ridden, the total wave ride time, maximum speed during the wave ride, and the distance covered. Surf Tracker must be used in a 1-field data screen and used in activity while GPS is on.

Garmin has hit it out of the park with the fenix 3 Sapphire when it comes to appearance, form and functionality. The fenix 3 Sapphire with Titanium Band fits the need whether it be for training or everyday use.

Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire Details
Each Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire comes with: fenix 3 Sapphire Watch with Titanium Band, USB charging/data cable, AC adapter, Quick start manual and a One-Year Warranty.
Size: 2.0"W x 2.0"H x 0.6"D
Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire Special Features
  • 1.2” Chroma Display with Rugged Sapphire Domed Lens
  • Built-In Outdoor Navigation Features
  • ConnectIQ for Customized Apps, Widgets, Watch Faces and Data Fields
  • Altimeter, Baromter and Compass Built-In
  • SmartNotifications for Texts, Emails and Phone Alerts


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