Icom MA500TR AIS Transponder

Icom MA500TR AIS Transponder

The Icom MA500TR AIS Transponder will send and receive Class B AIS information that you can display on your compatible chartplotter and on the MA500’s included display.
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Know your surroundings and transmit your position for safety

The Icom MA-500TR is the perfect solution for pleasure & fishing boats. Providing you with real-time vessel traffic information, you will be able to navigate safely. Small in size but a powerhouse in features, the MA 500TR offers simple operation while simultaneously receiving Class A & Class B AIS(Automatic Identification System) information. Storage space of up to 100 waypoints makes it simple to set a waypoint using the “MOB” button to store your favorite locations instantly.


If you’re in need of contacting another vessel quickly, send an individual DSC call with a push of a button which eliminates the need for you to manually enter MMSI #’s. An easy to read full Dot-Matrix Display that looks similar to a radar display allows you to change your course and range zoom levels so you easily see what’s around you. Anytime the MA-500TR receives a safety related message from a Class A transponder, a message icon appears on the display. Up to 20 safety messages can be logged into the log memory. If a vessel comes within CPA and TCPA range, your Icom will show an icon on the screen and sound a beeping sound to make you aware of the situation at hand. Your MA-500TR by Icom will make other vessels aware of you as well. Displayed to other boaters will be your MMSI code, Vessel Name, Ship’s Position, SOG, COG, and more. For the ultimate safety component for your vessel, the Icom MA-500TR is an excellent choice.

* Before we can program your AIS we need a few pieces of information and all AIS units require programming before shipping. Please fill out the form below and fax (910-575-9543) or email (sales@thegpsstore.com) it back to us.
Click here to download a copy of the AIS programming form.
You will also need an MMSI number to complete the above form, if you dont already have one, you can get that here.

Icom MA 500TR Class B AIS Transponder
Each MA 500TR AIS Transponder comes with: AIS Transponder (MA-500TR), GPS Receiver With 10m Cable, NMEA Connector Cable, Mounting Bracket Kits, DC Power Cable, and a 3-Year Warranty.
Unit Size: 6.5"W x 4.33"H x 4.84"D
Weight: 2.2 Lbs.
Icom MA 500TR Class B AIS Transponder Special Features
  • Storage Of Up To 100 Waypoints
  • Individual DSC Calls.
  • Send Safety Related Messages.
  • Full Dot-Matrix Display (Plotter Display).
  • Class B AIS Transponder.


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