Lowrance HOOK2 7 TripleShot with Navionics+ Maps
  • Lowrance HOOK2 7 TripleShot with Navionics+ Maps
  • Lowrance HOOK2 7 TripleShot with Navionics+ Maps
  • Lowrance HOOK2 7 TripleShot with Navionics+ Maps

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Lowrance HOOK2 7 TripleShot with Navionics+ Maps

A bright 7” display, Lowrance’s HOOK2 7” TripleShot is a top choice in stand-alone GPS/Sonar units. Detailed Navionics+ Mapping and 3-in-1 CHIRP Sonar includes HIGH CHIRP, DownScan and SideScan for the best underwater images. TripleShot Skimmer transducer included.
NV14294001   MAN#: 000-14294-001   ID#: 5465
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7” Combination GPS/Fishfinder and CHIRP Sonar

Marine GPS Has Echo Sounder Waterproof Sunlight Viewable

The Lowrance Hook2 7 TripleShot is a game changer in the league of combination units. This easy to use 7” SolarMAX color screen beautifully displays superior sonar and navigational images right at your fingertips. The included Navionics+ charts for all of the U.S. and Canada, offer countless detailed maps of North American lakes and rivers as well as detailed coastal mapping. The Hook2 allows storage for 100 routes and up to 3,000 waypoints, and offers a single microSD card slot which provides expansion possibilities for optional chart cards, including C-MAP, Navionics HotMaps Premium, and Fishing Hotspots PRO; or global chart cards, including C-MAP MAX-N as well as additional waypoint and route storage.

True to its name, the Hook2-7 offers TripleShot 3-in-1 sonar. Receive wide-angle high frequency CHIRP coverage, SideScan and DownScan imaging all at once, providing every angler with unsurpassed sonar images. The autotuning feature is great for any use - the Hook2 will automatically adjust sonar settings as fish conditions change allowing you to focus on fishing rather than changing and modifying settings as you go. Whether you choose to see every sonar image that this unit has to offer at one time, or want to modify the display to a navigation chart and sonar image of your choice, you can easily change the viewing panes to your liking, never displaying unwanted information at any time of use.

Simplified menu layouts and a newer key operated keypad allow for quick setup, making adjustments with fewer key pushes, and modifying your Hook2 to your personal preference easier than ever before. Flawless functionality was the basis to which the Lowrance Hook2-7 Tripleshot unit was built. Get yours today for a hassle free time on the water!

Lowrance HOOK2 7 TripleShot with Nav+ Details
Each Lowrance HOOK2 7 TripleShot with Nav+ comes with: Lowrance HOOK2 7” GPS/Fishfinder, Navionics Plus Mapping for US and Canada – Coastal and Lakes, HOOK2 Gimbal Bracket and Knobs, TripleShot Skimmer Transducer with Bracket, HOOK2 Power Cable, Fuse/Fuse Holder and a One Year Manufacturers Warranty.
Size: 9.3"W x 6.46"H x 3.3"D
Lowrance HOOK2 7 TripleShot Special Features
  • 7” Keypad Controlled Display
  • TripleShot Sonar – High Frequency CHIRP, DownScan and SideScan
  • Navionics Plus Mapping covers Coastal and Lakes in the US and Canada
  • microSD Card Slot for additional waypoint storage or optional mapping
  • Automated Sonar Settings – Spend less time adjusting and more time fishing

Lowrance HOOK2
# Of Waypoints # Of Routes Track log Receiver Type Display Size Manuals and Instructions
3,000 100 100 Plots with up to 10,000 points per Trail Internal high-sensitivity WAAS + EGNOS + MSAS Color 7" Diag. 800 x 480 Click Here


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