Standard Horizon HX890 Handheld VHF with GPS Black

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Standard Horizon HX890 Handheld VHF with GPS Black

The Standard Horizon HX890 provides a new level of handheld VHF communication. 6-Watt power output with built-in 66 Channel GPS and built-in FM receiver are just a few of the high end features.
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Handheld VHF with GPS and FM Radio Receiver!

The Standard Horizon HX890 with GPS is a perfect primary communication device for your near shore or inshore vessel or as a backup for your cruising or offshore vessel. The HX890 sets itself apart from other handheld VHF radios with features never before seen in a handheld VHF radio. First and foremost the HX 890 is built in Military Standard MIL-STD-810F which means it can take a beating and keep working. Also built-in to the HX890 are two scrambler systems, a 4-code and 32-code, in case you want your conversation to remain private. Another feature is the built-in FM broadcast radio receiver. With this feature you can catch some tunes or news when radio communication is not necessary.

The HX890 covers all of the regular VHF operations and more. Choose from 6W, 2W or 1W output power depending on your location and situation. Regardless of the power output you choose, the 890 will send and receive clearly thanks to its 700mW loud audio speaker and Noise Cancelling Function. Clearly listen to NOAA weather channels and get weather alerts. If the 890 goes overboard you don’t have to panic. Not only is it waterproof and submersible but it floats and has a water activated strobe light. The included 1800mAh high capacity li-ion battery will provide up to 11 hours operating time. And speaking of operating, the HX890 is very easy to use thanks in part to its 1.7” x 1.7” display. You can choose from Day or Night mode and the keys are also lit for nighttime use. The HX890 also has dedicated buttons for channel up and down as well as volume up and down making it very easy to use.

The Internal 66 channel WAAS GPS receiver in the HX890 gives you another reason to feel safe on the water. If you ever have to transmit an emergency call, use the dedicated distress button the back of the unit and it will transmit a DSC call with your Latitude and Longitude included. Another nice backup feature is the ability to navigate routes and waypoints. If your primary chartplotter goes down, use the HX890 to navigate back to port safely.

As you have read the HX890 performs all needed functions of a handheld VHF and much more…

Standard Horizon HX890 Box Contents
Each Standard Horizon HX890 Comes with:
  • HX890 Handheld VHF Radio
  • SBR-13LI Li-ion Battery Pack
  • SBH-32 Charging Cradle
  • SAD-25 AC Adapter
  • E-DC-19A 12v Lighter Cable
  • SBT-13 Alkaline Battery Tray
  • CAT460 Antenna
  • CLIP-22 Belt Clip
  • Lanyard
  • 3-Year Warranty
Standard Horizon HX890 Key Features
  • Two Built-In Scrambler Systems, 4-Code and 32-Code
  • FM Broadcast Radio receiver Built-In
  • Day and Night Display Modes
  • Floating with IPX8 Submersible Rating
  • 6 Watt Power Output
  • Size:2.6" W x 5.43" H x 1.5" D

Product Accessories for Standard Horizon HX890 Handheld VHF with GPS Black

Standard Horizon 110V AC Charger for SBH-25, SBH-36 and SBH-32 Our Price:$26.95

Standard Horizon 110V AC Charger for SBH-25, SBH-36 and SBH-32

The SAD-25B is the replacement charging cable for the Standard Horizon HX400, HX400IS, HX870, HX890, HX40 and HX210 radios. The SAD-25B requires the use of the SBH-25,  SBH-32 or SBH-36 Cradle (not included and sold separately).

Standard Horizon Charging Cradle for HX890 Our Price:$29.95

Standard Horizon Charging Cradle for HX890

Looking for a replacement or secondary cradle for your HX890? The Standard Horizon SBH-32 is the exact charging cradle that came with your HX890. (Charging requires 12v or 110v. cable that came with your unit or can be purchased separately below)

Standard Horizon SCH-11 Handheld VHF Hanger Bracket Our Price:$9.95

Standard Horizon SCH-11 Handheld VHF Hanger Bracket

Standard Horizon's SCH-11 Hanger Bracket will secure most Standard Horizon Handheld VHF Radios to a bulkhead. Simply slide the belt clip into the hanger bracket and your Standard Horizon Handheld VHF will stay secure on any bulkhead or vertical surface. *Not Compatible with HX100, HX150 & HX40 Units.

Standard Horizon SSM-64A VOX Headset Our Price:$59.95

Standard Horizon SSM-64A VOX Headset

Standard Horizon;s SSM-64A offers an Over the head headset with Boom mic, option to setup for PTT (Push to Talk) operation or VOX (voice activated transmit). Compatible will all Standard Horizon models with a speaker mic connection on the radio.

Standard Horizon 12v. DC Cable for Handheld VHF Our Price:$28.95

Standard Horizon 12v. DC Cable for Handheld VHF

Standard Horizon DC Cable with 12v Cigarette Lighter Plug. Compatible with HX100, HX150, HX210, HX290, HX380S, HX751, HX851, HX870 and HX890. (Charges thru cradle that was included with your radio)

Standard Horizon SSM-517A Earbud Microphone Our Price:$39.95

Standard Horizon SSM-517A Earbud Microphone

Standard Horizon SSM-517A Earpiece Microphone. Compatible with HX210, HX280S, HX290,HX370S, HX380, HX40, HX400, HX851, HX870 and HX890. 

Standard Horizon SEP-10A Earphone Our Price:$29.95

Standard Horizon SEP-10A Earphone

Standard Horizon SEP-10A Earphone for SSM-21A Submersible Speaker. *Requires SSM-21A Mic for connection.