Furuno FCV-628 Fishfinder Transducer Bundle

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Furuno FCV-628 Fishfinder Transducer Bundle

The Furuno FCV628 Fishfinder Transducer Bundle features the standard Furuno FCV628 Fishfinder package bundled with a Furuno P66 Transom Mount Transducer for Depth, Speed and Water Temperature (525STID-PWD).
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5.7” Dedicated Fishfinder with RezBoost Technology

Furuno's FCV-628, 600W fishfinder offers a 5.7” high resolution color display. Offering some of the most innovative technology in production today. The FCV includes high end features such as “Bottom Discrimination” which actually indicates if the bottom is composed primarily of rocks, sand, gravel or mud, providing valuable information to help you locate rich fishing grounds and boost your catch of the day as well as “Accu-Fish”, which will show actual fish size on the individual fish echo on-screen. This feature will greatly enhance your ability to identify fish targets on the display.

RezBoost Sonar Technology

Furuno’s RezBoost Sonar Technology offers unparalleled clarity and target separation that the most well know of competitors can’t compete with. RezBoost is a revolutionary new signal processing technology that Furuno invented which achieves CHIRP-like performance from your traditional 600w or 1kW Transducers. The FCV628 offers up to 8 times the target separation than its predecessor the FCV627.

Digital Fishfinder

Furuno’s FCV628 600w sounder utilizes their FDF (Furuno Digital Filter) technology, and auto adjustments technology, which helps adjust gain, clutter, and output power. This makes the picture clearer and easier to decipher between baitfish and larger target species. The FCV628 also offers 50/200 frequency capability which will give you options whether running in deep water or at higher speed.

High Resolution Display

The 628 offers a high resolution display which shows underwater conditions in 8, 16, or 64 colors for a brilliant picture. The FCV628 is waterproof which allows it to be installed on any bridge or center console. Audio and visual alarms alert you whenever preset limits are met for water depth, water temperature and fish echoes. Of course the FCV628 offers selectable automatic fishing and cruising modes to match your needs for the day.

The FCV-628 is a high end stand alone fishfinder providing exceptional underwater images at an affordable price point.

Furuno FCV-628 Transducer Bundle Details
Each Furuno FCV628 Transducer Bundle comes with: Furuno’s FCV-628, 525STID-PWD Transom Mount Transducer, Snap On Cover, Swivel Mount, Power/ Multi Cable with 10 Pin Connector, Fuse 2A, LCD Cleaning Cloth, Flush Mounting Sponge, Nuts/Washers/Screws/, Operators Manual, Flush Mounting Template and a Two-Year Warranty.
Size: 6.7"W x 6.7"H x 4.2"D
Furuno’s FCV-628 Special Features
  • Bottom Discrimination feature distinguishes bottom composition and displays either rock, sand, gravel or mud.
  • 5.7” Color Display
  • Stand-Alone, Dedicated Fishfinder
  • Accu-Fish - Unique Fish Analyzer determines length of fish in inches or Cm.
  • RezBoost Technology enhances clarity and Target Separation

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