Garmin 9-Axis Heading Sensor

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Garmin 9-Axis Heading Sensor

Garmins 9 Axis Heading Sensor provides accuracy +/- 2°. 10Hz Output Rate ensures your chart orientation and boat heading is accurate with reality. Premium Heading Accuracy at low speeds and even when bow is pitching, rolling or heeling over.
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The Garmin 9-Axis Heading Sensor provides unparalleled overlay performance and accuracy. Every mariner can be confident that chart orientation is correct and up to date lining up with the actual boat heading at lower speeds or when the bow is pitching, heeling over, or rolling.

Easy plug and play connectivity through NMEA 2000 interfacing makes for a simplified installation with a 2 step precise calibration process getting you out on the water quicker. The built in 9-axis MEMS technology allows for installation to be done virtually in any orientation as long as it’s away from any magnetic interference and can even withstand being mounted in bilge areas if that’s the only space available for installation. Along with all of the ease of use and installation is the ability for enabled MARPA targeting and improved radar views on any compatible Garmin radar system. For the leading technology in heading sensors, the Garmin 9-Axis Heading Sensor is the perfect option.

Garmin 9-Axis Heading Sensor Box Contents
Each Garmin 9-Axis Heading Sensor Comes with:
  • 9-Axis Heading Sensor
  • NMEA 2000® T-Connector
  • NMEA 2000 Drop Cable (2 meters)
  • Documentation
Garmin 9-Axis Heading Sensor Key Features
  • Heading Accuracy of Plus or Minus 2 Degrees
  • 10HZ Heading and Rate of Turn Output
  • Simple 2-Step Calibration Process
  • 9-Axis MEMS Technology
  • East Installation
  • Size: 2" x 6.7" x 3.5"

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