Garmin GMR 1226 xHD2 12KW Digital Radar with 6' Open Array

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Garmin GMR 1226 xHD2 12KW Digital Radar with 6' Open Array

The Garmin GMR 1226xHD2 is Garmin’s most powerful open array radar available. With 12kw ouput power, a 6’ open array antenna and a narrow 1.1 degree beamwidth the 1226xHD2 reaches up to 72 nm and provides the clearest, best resolution images right on your chartplotter. Whether cruising or fishing offshore this radar is sure to increase your situational awareness.
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High Definition Radar with Narrow 1.1 degree beamwidth


If you are looking to add radar to your Garmin marine network the GMR 1226 xHD2 6’ open array would be the best option Garmin has to offer; but make sure first of all you have room for a 6’ open array. The GMR 1226 xHD2 Radar is an impressive piece of equipment that was designed to be easy to install and use. There are no complex user settings to enter, for the most part just turn it on and start using it.

The Dynamic Auto Gain automatically adjusts to the best settings for your location, while the Dynamic Sea Filter automatically adjusts the gain for all sea conditions, Call for Help with Marine Electronics whether you are running in calm or rough waters. The incredibly tight beamwidth of 1.1’ provides excellent target separation both at a distance or nearby, an example of this would be if you were approaching two vessels that on some radars would appear on the screen as one because of poor target separation but with the GMR 1226 xHD2 you see both boats and know what course to steer to avoid contact.

The 12 kW power and 6’ array GMR 1226 xHD2 has a maximum range of 72 nautical miles, and it has rotational speeds of 24 or 48 rpm which deliver a fast scan time that cuts the distance a vessel can travel between scans. As every serious fisherman will tell you, the ability to see birds, enhances your chances to catch fish and the Garmin GMR 1226 xHD2 Radar & Pedestal has a “Bird” Mode that improves your fishing experience by locating birds at the water’s surface where the baitfish are located. The “Echo Trail” which can be provided by the GMR 1226 xHD can be a very valuable tool when assessing the possibility of a collision threat from a moving target. It is also possible using the GMR 1226 xHD Radar and its “Dual Range” setting to view split screen images from the radar showing both close and long range images.

The GMR 1226 xHD2 Radar is definitely not for the small boater or one with a small budget but if you are in the market for one of the best open array radars on the market for your Garmin Multi Function Display or network then the best you can find is the GMR 1226 xHD2 Radar and Pedestal.

Garmin GMR 1226 xHD2 Box Contents
Each Garmin GMR 1226 xHD2 comes with:
  • GMR 1226 xHD2
  • Mounting hardware kit and template
  • Power cable (15 meters)
  • Network cable (15 meters)
  • Cable grommet
  • Voltage Converter
  • Documentation
  • Two-Year Warranty
  • Array Dimension:6’ - 76.25"W x 5"H x 6.75"D, 16.9lbs
  • Pedestal Dimension:20.5"W x 12.75"H x 12.5"D, 47.1lbs
Garmin GMR 1226 xHD2 Key Features
  • 12 kW high-definition radar with 6-foot open array
  • High sensitivity with 1.1 degree horizontal beamwidth
  • Dual range radar with dual radar support
  • Easy to install and start using no complex user settings
  • Excellent target separation and reliable operation

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