Si-Tex T941 4kw Color Radar with Dome

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Si-Tex T941 4kw Color Radar with Dome

Top Quality 4kw Radar with a 25" dome antenna and a large 8.4" color display. The T-941 features Si-Tex’s new Hyper-Digital Processing (HDP) for real-time presentation and target discrimination.
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The Si-Tex T941 radar and its Hyper-Digital Processing (HDP) Technology eliminate unwanted noise and clutter on the screen to give you clearer images of the targets on the screen. The T941, 4 kW, 36 nm radar is a standalone 25” radome and 8.4” color LCD daylight viewable display that has a resolution of 480 x 640 with an anti-reflective glare coated screen that provides an outstanding view.

With a dual speed rotation of either 24 rpm or 48 rpm for the tracking of moving targets or ones that are close in, Si-Tex has made the T941 with many of the same features that are found in much larger and more expensive radars. Offering selectable range scales down to 1/16 of a mile and automatic hands-off tuning which maintains maximum sensitivity at all times, and also a manual override for the more experienced user. Call for Help with Marine Electronics Warning alerts can be set up in the T941 radar that notifies you of incoming and departing targets breaking your guard zone. There is also a “true tail” function in the T941 radar that clearly distinguishes a moving target from a stationary one; the display actually shows exact movement of other boats by drawing tails on them while land objects and buoys have no tail even while you are moving. Up to two displays can be added to the T941 through the RGB output, there is also a CCD camera input that allows you to split the screen between radar and camera so you can monitor other important areas on your boat while keeping an eye on your radar.

If you are looking for standalone color radar that offers plenty of features for safety and ease of operation the Si-Tex T941 Radar is definitely one to consider.

Si-Tex 941 Radar Box Contents
Each Si-Tex 941 Radar comes with:
  • 25” Radome
  • 8.4 LCD Display
  • Connecting Cable
  • Power Cable
  • Operation Manual
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Two -Year Warranty
  • Display Size: 8.4” Diag.
  • Radar: 25” Radome
Si-Tex 941 Radar Key Features
  • 25" Radome
  • 4kW
  • Rotation Speed 24 or 48 rpm
  • 36 nm
  • 8.4” Color Display