Simrad Halo-4 Pulse Compression 4’ Open Array Radar

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Simrad Halo-4 Pulse Compression 4’ Open Array Radar

Reaching 64nm’s, Simrad’s Halo-4, 4’ Open Array Radar is compatible with NSO & NSS Evo2 MFD’s. Quick Start Up and High Reliability the Halo 4 combines traditional pulse and Broadband Radar for the most enhanced mix of long and short target detection range.
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4’ Open Array Radar for the best in Long and Short Target Detection


Simrad’s Pulse Compression Radar Halo-4 combines the best characteristics of traditional pulse and FMCW broadband radar systems. The Halo-4 is a low magnetic emission and radiation radar that uses low power pulsed transmissions that meet the upcoming Low Emission standards. This makes the Halo-4 safe to run in anchorages and marinas.

With its Beam sharpening and target separation control the Halo-4 provides unmatched target separation and clarity whether you are looking at birds or buoys. The Halo-4 has a Dual Range operation function that appears like two separate radars monitoring different ranges with Call for Help with Marine Electronics independent control over both. In addition the Dual Range mode of the Halo-4 will allow the user to track up to 10 MARPA targets in each range for a total of 20 targets.

The Halo-4 is a 4’ array that can rotate up to 48 rpm in high speed and provide 64 nautical mile coverage. The Halo-4 does not depend on a magnetron but rather a solid state transceiver resulting in no manual tuning as the magnetron ages. The pedestal of the Halo-4 contains a brushless motor driver which means again less maintenance and longer use because there are no brushes to wear out and replace.

The solid state construction of the Halo-4 enables it to provide instant on in just 16-25 seconds instead of 2 to 3 minute warm up time of the magnetron radars. The Halo- has 5 usage modes; Custom, Harbor, Offshore, Weather, and BIRD that enable it to be switched from one type of target and range to another quickly.

The Halo-4 is not for all Simrad systems though but if you have an NSS evo2 or NSO evo2 multifunction display this may be a radar option you would like to pursue.

Simrad Halo-4 Box Contents
Each Simrad Halo-4 comes with:
  • Simrad Halo 4' Open Array Antenna
  • Radar Pedestal
  • RI-12 IF Box
  • 20M Scanner Cable
  • Two-Year Warranty
Simrad Halo-4 Key Features
  • 4’ Open array 64 nautical mile
  • Beam sharpening with Target separation control
  • Low magnetic emissions and radiation
  • Custom, Harbor, Offshore, Weather, and BIRD modes
  • InstantOn - Radar is ready in 16-25 seconds from power-on