ACR 2981 OLAS TAG Wearable Crew Tracker 4-Pack

ACR 2981 OLAS TAG Wearable Crew Tracker 4-Pack

The ACR 2981 OLAS Tag is a small and lightweight, wearable MOB (Man Overboard) device designed to be worn by your crew so that if they go overboard your Smartphone or Tablet will alert you to the emergency.
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Be Alerted if Any of Your Crew Go Overboard!

The ACR 2981 Wearable Crew Pack is a must have safety device for you and your crew every time your boat enters the water. With 4 2980 OLAS tags in the pack - The Overboard Location Alert System, better known as the OLAS tag, is a virtual tether between this wrist worn MOB system and a mobile device to alert yourself or your crew that someone has gone overboard. Free mobile app integration provides every user the ability to track up to 6 different OLAS transmitters with one phone or tablet, and each transmitter can be tracked by an unlimited amount of phones or tablets.

When the OLAS TAG detects a break in the virtual tether, within 8 seconds of the tag going missing, an alarm will begin to sound on the phone or tablet that the TAG is attached to and will automatically record the LAT/LON location of the incident using the phone or tablets GPS. MOB recovery is quickly done as you will be directed right to the GPS location where the MOB occurred with clear visual signals and bearing data. If you are boating alone, you will want to activate a “solo mode” within the OLAS app on your phone or tablet so it will automatically send a text message to your emergency contact with your GPS coordinates in the event you get separated from your boat.

Built with versatile attachment solutions, the ACR 2981 can be wrist worn, attached to a life jacket, dog collar, or to a personal locator beacon (PLB) ensuring everyone on board can visually be tracked in a MOB situation. If you need to make a MayDay call in the event of someone going overboard, simply press the VHF image on the phone or tablet, and the ACR app will display word for word the specific message to relay on your MayDay call through your VHF radio.

Key Features Of The ACR 2981 Pack Include:

  • Packaged with (4) 2980 OLAS Tags
  • ACR OLAS – Free Mobile App Integration
  • Versatile Attachment Solutions
  • Waterproof Rating IP67
  • Bluetooth 4.1 Compatible
  • Low Battery Indicator Light
  • 3,500 Hours Per Battery When Armed
  • User Replaceable Battery (CR2477)
ACR OLAS TAG 4-Pack Box Contents
Each ACR OLAS TAG Comes with:
  • ACR OLAS TAG Device
  • ACR Adjustable Wrist Strap/Band
  • 4-Pack Carry Case
  • Setup Manual
  • One Year Warranty
ACR OLAS TAG 4-Pack Key Features
  • Small and Lightweight Wearable Crew Tracker
  • Versatile Attachment Solution
  • Low Battery Indicator Light
  • 3,500 Hours Per Battery When Armed
  • User Replaceable Battery
  • Size: 1.5” Diameter, .5” Deep