McMurdo G8 AIS SmartFind CAT I EPIRB with GPS
  • McMurdo G8 AIS SmartFind CAT I EPIRB with GPS
  • McMurdo G8 AIS SmartFind CAT I EPIRB with GPS

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McMurdo G8 AIS SmartFind CAT I EPIRB with GPS

The McMurdo SmartFind G8 AIS Cat 1 EPIRB is an automatic deploy Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon that sends your position to Search and Rescue in the event of an emergency and includes AIS for even more enhanced localized search and rescue. Includes Auto-Housing which will automatically deploy EPIRB when submerged.
MC23001501A    MAN#: 23-001-501A   ID#: 5573
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Head Offshore with Confidence with McMurdo EPIRBS!

The McMurdo SmartFind G8 -AIS EPIRB is a great addition to your vessel. A Category 1 EPIRB, this unit includes an auto-deploy housing. Built with accelerated rescue times, the G8-AIS CAT1 EPIRB has a built-in 72 channel GNSS receiver along with the world’s first Quadrotech EPIRB technology which allows this device to operate on four different search and rescue frequencies, thus enhancing the alert, locate, track, and recover aspect of a rescue situation.

Built as the first EPIRB to offer standard 406MHz and 121MHz internal GPS, and AIS, the McMurdo G8-AIS is the superior choice for localized rescues. Greater location accuracy when received by GNSS coordinates, the G8 will receive a broad range of satellite constellations helping to home in on your location more efficiently and by adding AIS into this life saving device this will not only send out your position to AIS transcribing vessels in the local area but will also allow search and rescue teams to accelerate alert detections and ensure faster rescue times.

This CAT1 G8-AIS device comes with an Auto Housing that is automatically deployed and activated when in contact with water (when submerged between 1-4 meters) but can also be manually deployed if the need arises. The CAT I G8-AIS is ideal for boating offshore and for being mounted on a bulkhead or rail, or anywhere that it can be easily accessed in case of an emergency.

Other features that make this EPIRB a key addition to your vessel are a 10 year battery life, multiple self-tests, 72 Channel multi-constellation receiver, and an international rescue frequency. A global service network that offers over 200+ service centers across 80+ countries makes having your EPRIB serviced easier than ever, no matter where you are. A 5-year health check is recommended by a McMurdo approved center and includes a 1 year extension to the warranty of your McMurdo EPIRB. Purchase your McMurdo SmartFind G8-AIS EPIRB for added safety assurance every time you step on your vessel.

McMurdo G8 AIS SmartFind CAT I EPIRB Box Contents
Each McMurdo G8 AIS SmartFind CAT I EPIRB Comes with:
  • McMurdo G8 AIS SmartFind CAT I
  • Auto-Housing Bracket
  • Manual
  • One Year Warranty, Upgradable to 5 Years with Registration
McMurdo G8 AIS SmartFind CAT I Key Features
  • Auto Activated EPIRB
  • Includes Auto-Housing that deploys EPIRB when Submerged between 1-4 Meters
  • Includes AIS for localized Search and Rescue
  • Worlds First QUADROTECH EPIRB, with four search and rescue frequencies,
  • Size (without Bracket): 5"W x 16.4"H x 5.2"D
McMurdo SmartFind G8 AIS/GPS Manual - Click Here


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