McMurdo Smartfind S20 SRS AIS Man Overboard Device
  • McMurdo Smartfind S20 SRS AIS Man Overboard Device
  • McMurdo Smartfind S20 SRS AIS Man Overboard Device
  • McMurdo Smartfind S20 SRS AIS Man Overboard Device

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McMurdo Smartfind S20 SRS AIS Man Overboard Device

The McMurdo Smartfind S20 Man Overboard Device is designed to offer enhanced safety to your vessels crew. Manual or Automatic Activation when fitted to a compatible Lifejacket and Inflated, the S20 will send your position and Automatic Identification System information to AIS equipped vessels within range in the event of a man overboard situation. Minimum 24 Hour Transmission and LED Flashing Light.
MC98001002A   MAN#: 98-001-002A   ID#: 4956
(Rating 90)
Our Price: $219.95
Availability: Backorder, Expected on 9/22/2018
Condition: Brand New

Send Your Position to AIS Equipped Vessels within Range in Event of MOB Situation

Protect the people on your boat or vessel with one of the best choices in a locating device with the McMurdo Smartfind S20. The S20 can be clipped to a life vest or carried in its own pouch before heading out to sea. A built in 50 channel GPS receiver transmits to search and rescue your precise location, and the MOB transmits in about 15 seconds once activated. The S20 also has a 7-Year battery storage life. The lightweight and waterproof design can withstand harsh conditions and will continuously transmit for a minimum of 24 hours, and updates position every minute. The flashing LED indicator helps emergency personnel locate the survivor in open water, in daylight or at night.

The Smartfind S20 is compatible with onboard navigation systems as well as AIS enabled chartplotters which also allows for locating in life saving rescues. So in an emergency situation the alert gets transmitted to any AIS enabled chartplotter and receiver within a 4 nautical mile radius, thus providing exact location of survivor, bearing and distance to the person.

Installing the SmartFind S20

is easy, simply use the clips that are included with the device, to attach to your life vest and once fully inflated just pull down on the orange tab which releases the red cap off of the SmartFind. It will now deploy the antenna and activated so Search and rescue will be on its way. Allow crew members to be a feel safe and at ease if a MOB situation were to ever arise with the SmartFind S20.
McMurdo Smartfind S20 Details
Each McMurdo Smartfind S20 comes with:S20 Unit, Instruction manual, Belt loop carrying case and lifejacket “webbing” clip, Life jacket inflation tube, clip mount and a One-Year (Upgrades to 2 Years upon Registration) Warranty.
McMurdo Smartfind S20 Special Features
  • Sends GPS Information via AIS
  • Manually Activated Safety Device
  • Flashing LED Light
  • Small in Size and Lightweight
  • Automatically Deploys with Compatible LifeJackets


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