Poly-Planar Bluetooth AudioLink Adapter

Poly-Planar Bluetooth AudioLink Adapter

Stream Music from your compatible Bluetooth Device (Smartphone, iPad, iPod and other Tablets) with the PolyPlanar BTAL-01. Simply connect to power and your stereo's RCA Jack and enjoy music streaming anywhere on your boat.
PPBTAL01   MAN#: BTAL-01   ID#: 5058
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Condition: Brand New

If you are looking for Bluetooth capabilities with your compatible radio look no further than the BTAL-01. The BTAL-01 offers easy installation with a few connections. An included 4 foot RCA connection allows connection to any radio or stereo with RCA auxillary inputs. The BTAL-01 offers 33 foot operating range.

Poly-Planar Audio Equipment is backed with a Two-Year Warranty, which is what you would expect from a leader in the marine industry that has been in business for over 48 years.

The BTAL-01 is a marine grade unit offering a reliable yet durable Bluetooth receiver. You’re even able to answer your phone calls while streaming music. The music will pause until you are finished with your call and then go back to playing music (with most phone devices). If you’re looking to stream music via Bluetooth then you can’t go wrong with the BTAL-01.


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