Raymarine SR150 Weather and Radio Receiver
  • Raymarine SR150 Weather and Radio Receiver
  • Raymarine SR150 Weather and Radio Receiver

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Raymarine SR150 Weather and Radio Receiver

The Raymarine SR150 SiriusXM Weather Receiver and Satellite Radio Tuner is a must have add on to any Raymarine network system. Whether you have a 50’ Sportfish or an 18’ Skiff, the SR 150 will keep you in the know.
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RAE70161   MAN#: E70161   ID#: 3635
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Keep an Eye on the Weather with an SR150

The Raymarine SR150 Weatherand Radio Receiver allows you to receive and display SiriusXM marine weather data directly on your compatible Raymarine multifunction display. The SR150 keeps you informed of the most up-to-date weather and alerts you to tornadoes, water-spouts, hurricanes, and thunderstorm warnings to keep you safe.


When connected to a Raymarine multifunction display, the SR150 offers many advantageous features. NOWRad Doppler Weather Radar provides historical, live, and up-to-the-minute weather forecasts directly to your chartplotter display. The weather radar can be displayed alongside features such as chartplotter, fishfinder and navigational radar or you can choose to overlay NOWRad Doppler Radar onto your navigational chart display to show you how the weather will impact your route. Never get caught in a storm again with Storm Tracker which tracks tropical storms, hurricanes, and typhoons and Watchbox Alerts which continuously monitors for severe weather in your location, notifying you both audibly and visually with on-screen alerts. With thousands of sea-based and land-based observation stations, fixed structures, and offshore weather buoy reports you are guaranteed to get the latest conditions including reports on air and sea temperature, wind speed and direction, wave height and period, visibility, atmospheric pressure, trending, and more all in easy to read graphics. In addition the SR150 can show you where your catch should be hanging out using Satellite Sea Surface Temperature (SST). This features clearly shows you the ocean surface temperature and helps you identify temperature breaks, pockets, and upwelling.


In addition, You can also activate your Sirius satellite radio receiver by connecting to your existing audio system or amplifier/speaker system to enjoy commercial-free music, all you favorite sports, and exclusive talk and entertainment.

***Shakespeare SRA 50 Weather Antenna Required.

***Compatible with a-Series, c-Series, e-Series, GPM-400, C-Widescreen, E-Widescreen, E-Series Classic

Raymarine SR 150 Details
Each Raymarine SR150 comes with: Raymarine SR150 receiver, Power Cable, Audio Cable, Antenna SMA-SMB Adaptor, Bracket, Bolt Kit, Handbook,and a Two-Year Warranty.
Unit Size: 5.25:"W x 2.25"H x 5.25"D
Weight: 3lbs
Special Features
  • NOWRAD Doppler Weather Radar overlay provides historical/liveweather, forecasts, and storm warnings directly to your chartplotter display
  • Watchbox Alerts to monitor and alert you to severe weather in your location
  • Satellite Sea Surface Temperature (SST) clearly shows ocean surface temperature helping you readily identify temperature breaks, pockets, and upwelling to find fish quickly and efficiently
  • Thousands of Surface Observation Stations and Offshore Buoy Reports for improved accuracy
  • SIRIUSXM Audio to enjoy commercial-free music, all your favorite sports, exclusive talk and entertainment.


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