Shakespeare CA-VAT AURA 2G/3G Cellular Booster Kit

Shakespeare CA-VAT AURA 2G/3G Cellular Booster Kit

Shakespeare CA-VAT AURA 2G/3G Cellular Booster Kit enhances service for nearly all US Carriers 2G and 3G Voice and Data Services, providing reliable and clear service for multiple users while out on the water. Simple Installation, Reliable and Durable.
SSCAVAT   MAN#: CA-VAT   ID#: 4591
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Enhancing 2G/3G Voice and Data Services while on the water.


Shakespeare has a 2G/3G cellular signal booster for the mariner who needs another way to stay connected from offshore called the CA-VAT AURA.

The CA-VAT AURA provides a Dual Band Booster which increases the signal on all 2G and 3G signals on all major US Cell Networks. Automatic gain control which is part of the internal safeguards completely eliminates interference to the cell towers, in the CA-VAT AURA. The CA-VAT AURA also has what Shakespeare calls “Stealth Technology” which is not hiding it from detection but when not in use the uplink becomes dormant which saves power.The casing of the CA-VAT AURA is made from full marine grade metal to protect it from the elements so it will last a long time in one of the toughest environments. To ease your mind the CA-VAT AURA is completely legal and FCC certified for new rigid protection standards. Installation of the CA-VAT AURA is fully plug and play, with simple, intuitive set-up and operation.

If you are looking for options to increase your cellular connectivity while offshore then the CA-VAT AURA Cellular Booster Kit is an option you should investigate.

Shakespeare CA-VAT Cellular Booster Details
Each Shakespeare CA-VAT Cellular Boostercomes with: Shakespeare CA-VAT Amplifier, Outdoor Antenna, Indoor Antenna, Coax Cable, Antenna Ferrule, Antenna Mount, User Manual and a Three-Year Warranty.
Shakespeare CA-VAT Cellular Booster Special Features
  • Dual Band Booster
  • Auto Gain control
  • Stealth Technology
  • Full Marine grade metal casing
  • FCC legal


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