Simrad ForwardScan Transducer

Simrad ForwardScan Transducer

Know depths in front of your boat with the Simrad ForwardScan Transducer. Stainless Steel Thru hull with Fairing Block.
NVX11674001   MAN#: 000-11674-001   ID#: 5233
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ForwardScan™ Sonar is ideal for boaters looking for depth forward of their sail or power boat. Bottom imagery can be displayed up to 8 times the current depth. Operating at 180kHz to reduce interference from tradition 200kHz echo sounders. A faster transmit and receive time provide info in almost real time. Share information via compatible network device and view info on multiple displays simultaneously and even via GoFree on a tablet. Compatible with NSS Evo2, NSS evo3 and NSO Evo2.


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