Siren Marine MTC Security System
  • Siren Marine MTC Security System
  • Siren Marine MTC Security System
  • Siren Marine MTC Security System

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Siren Marine MTC Security System

The Siren Marine MTC Security System allows you to stay connected to your boat for monitoring, tracking and control. Have peace of mind 24 hours a day that you boat is afloat and where you left it with the IOS or Android App.
SMMTC   MAN#: SM-MTC-A   ID#: 5394
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Security For Your Boat!

The Siren Marine MTC is built and designed to provide you with peace of mind. As every boat owner knows, if you are not on your boat, you are concerned with its wellbeing. Siren Marine’s MTC lets you Monitor, Track and Control your vessel from your smartphone. Regardless if your boat is 20’ or 100’, Siren Marine is a must have.

The MTC Security System by Siren gives you lots of options when it comes to monitoring, Tracking and Controlling your boat.

  • Create a Geofence around your boat so that you are notified if it moves out of that area.
  • Track where the vessel is.
  • Monitor the batteries voltage.
  • Monitor bilge pump and high-water sensors.
  • Monitor temperatures in the cabin, engine room, bait locker and more.
  • Add motion sensors and snap sensors for security.
  • Control HVAC, lights, pumps and more.

The MTC uses 3G cellular technology to send you details from your vessel. You will then be able to view that data on the easy-to-use App on your IOS or Android Smartphone.

*Certain accessories are required as well as a subscription. Click here for Subscription info.

Siren Marine MTC Details
Each MTC comes with: MTC Unit, Mounting Bracket, Battery Wire with Fuse, Flathead Screwdriver and User Manuals.
Size: 4.5" W x 6.5" H x 1.5" D
Siren Marine MTC Special Features
  • Track Location and Movement of the Boat.
  • Monitor Bilge Pump and High-Water Sensor.
  • Optional Motion Sensors and Pressure Pads.
  • Monitor Battery Level.
  • Simple Operation Though App.


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Product Accessories for Siren Marine MTC Security System

Siren Marine Micro ePIR Motion Sensor
Siren Marine's ePIR Motion Sensor pairs with the Siren Marine MTC and Siren Marine App and is perfect for monitoring unexposed areas such as pilothouse, galley, cabin etc.
Your Price:$99.00
Siren Marine Canvas Snap Cover Sensor
Siren Marine's Canvas Snap Sensor pairs with Siren Marine MTC and the Siren Marine App and is designed for boats that have a canvas cover or part cover. Replacing the canvas snap this will alert the boat owner when the canvas is opened.
Your Price:$29.00
Siren Marine Infrared Motion Sensor
Siren Marine's Infrared Motion Sensor is compatible with the Siren Marine MTC and Marine App and will alert you in the unfortunate event of an unauthorized entry to your vessel. Mount in a cabin or above main entry.
Your Price:$99.00
Siren Marine Magnetic Reed Switch
The Magnetic Reed Switch pairs with the Siren Marine MTC unit and can be connected in series to monitor multiple entry points.
Your Price:$15.00
Siren Marine PAM1 AC Shore Power Relay
Hardwire the PAM1 AC Relay to your AC Breaker and be alerted when Shore Power is lost!
Your Price:$19.90
Siren Marine PAM1 DC Relay
Control any 12V onboard devices such as A/C, deck or spreader lights, sirens and more with Siren Marine's DC Accessory Relay.
Your Price:$19.90
Siren Marine Shore Power Sensor Plug
Plug the Siren Marine Shore power sensor plug into any existing AC outlet and be alerted when Shore Power is lost!
Your Price:$49.00