Soleus Rise Fitness Band  
  • Soleus Rise Fitness Band
  • Soleus Rise Fitness Band
  • Soleus Rise Fitness Band

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Soleus Rise Fitness Band

Soleus Rise Fitness Bands offer an affordable solution to Activity Tracking. Monitoring Steps, Distance, Calories and Sleep; the Soleus Rise is available in 3 Color Options.
SO004001   MAN#: SF004-001    ID#: 4970
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Monitor Your Daily Activity with Soleus Rise!

If you’re wanting to keep track of your daily activity look no further than the Soleus Rise. The Soleus offers a sleek look with a replaceable silicone band making it stylish and comfortable. The Soleus will help you set goals and keep you on track with daily activity information. As you walk the Soleus will keep track of all your steps with the built in Accelerometer. The Rise will calculate your distance, speed and your average pace.

Rise will vibrate and the move icon will display on the unit if it does not sense any movement for an allowed time. The unit offers a calorie feature allowing you to view how many calories were burned during your day of activities. You can stay connected with the Soleus Go app displaying all the information your rise has accumulated.

A Sleep pattern tracking feature allows you to monitor your sleeping and keeps you updated – know whether you your sleeping sound or if you had a restless night of sleeping. The Rise also offers a vibrating alarm gently waking you up in the morning. The Rise has an OLED display making viewing the Rise display easier than ever. The unit offers a rechargeable battery giving you up to seven days of use on a single charge. The Soleus rise will help you with your daily activities and will make you a more active person.


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