Soleus Thrive Fitness Band with HRM  
  • Soleus Thrive Fitness Band with HRM
  • Soleus Thrive Fitness Band with HRM

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Fitness Band with Heart Rate Monitoring on your Wrist!

The Soleus Thrive activity tracker with Heart Rate Monitor is a must have for anyone constantly on the go and looking to set and complete daily fitness goals. This activity tracker is compatible with iPhone and Android devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 and certain software operating systems, providing every Thrive Activity user the ability to view and change goals, share goals, adjust settings and more. If you happen to lose your phone while wearing your Thrive, there is a phone finding feature on the watch that sends notifications via Bluetooth between this device and the phone to help you locate your phone quickly. The list of features doesn’t stop here. This activity tracker is loaded with other useful features for life on the go and added ease of use makes this Soleus device a must have.

Sleek and lightweight in design, the Thrive is a great companion to wear every day to keep up with your daily steps, view your heart rate, and receive notifications when you have a call or text coming through to your phone. For your life on the go, this Soleus wearable is the answer to your fitness and health needs. Stay up to speed with your daily calories burned, pace, and be notified when you have completed or are near your daily step goal. As if this unit doesn’t do enough already, just wait, there’s more! Have your Soleus Thrive record and keep track of your sleep patterns as well. Through the Soleus App, you can see when you had periods of light or restless sleep, long periods of deep sleep, or napping periods. When your Soleus knows you’ve been inactive too long outside of the sleep mode, you will be notified to get up and move to keep on track with your daily goals! Stay on track with the purchase of a Soleus Thrive loaded with features that won’t break the bank.


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