Standard Horizon HX870 Handheld VHF with GPS
  • Standard Horizon HX870 Handheld VHF with GPS
  • Standard Horizon HX870 Handheld VHF with GPS
  • Standard Horizon HX870 Handheld VHF with GPS

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Standard Horizon HX870 Handheld VHF with GPS

Standard Horizon’s HX870 is a must have for any boater. 6 Watts of Transmit power, a built in 66 Channel WAAS GPS receiver with DSC Calling, E2O (Easy to Operate) Menu and the ability to float the HX870 includes an oversized 2.3” display, storage for 200 waypoints and 20 routes.
STHX870   MAN#: HX870   ID#: 4248
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6W Floating Handheld VHF Radio with DSC Capability

Everyday use or stored in a ditch bag, Standard Horizon’s 6W HX870 handheld VHF Radio with built in 66-Channel GPS WAAS receiver is designed to perform as needed. A rugged die-cast chassis and a waterproof rating of IPX8 allowing submersion of the radio to 4.92 feet for 30 minutes without causing internal or external damage the HX870 is ready for whatever you throw its way.

An Oversized 2.3” diagonal display with an E2O (Easy to Operate) Menu the HX 870 can store up to 200 waypoints and 20 routes which can be used to navigate via the compass page and will show SOG, COG, BRG and DST to selected waypoint. A new Group Monitoring (GM) feature will also show the position of up to 9 pre-selected vessels in your area. Class D DSC brings peace of mind while on the water allowing a DSC Distress call to be sent along with your boats position if ever needed.

Standard Horizon is known for reliability and the HX870 is no exception, backed by an industry leading 3 year waterproof warranty and shipped with a high capacity 1800mAh Li-Ion Battery. Add to that a water activated SOS strobe light meaning that if dropped overboard the radio will turn on if not already on and flash SOS, NOAA Weather with Weather Alert, Programmable Memory and much more.

Standard Horizon HX870 Details
Each Standard Horizon HX870 comes with:HX870 Handheld VHF, SBR-13LI 7.4 1800mAh Li-Ion Battery, SBH-12 Charging Cradle, SAD-11 AC Adapter, E-DC-19A DC Cable with 12V, SBT-13 AAA Alkaline Battery Tray, CAT460 Antenna, CLIP-22 Belt Clip and a Three -Year Warranty.
Size:2.44"W x 5.43"H x 1.69 "D (without antenna)
Standard Horizon HX870 Special Features
  • Water Activated SOS Light
  • Large 2.3” LCD Display
  • Noise Cancelling for send and receive
  • Group Monitoring with DSC Position
  • Storage for 200 Waypoints, 20 Routes


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Product Accessories for Standard Horizon HX870 Handheld VHF with GPS

Standard Horizon SSM-55A Earbud Microphone
Standard Horizon SSM-55A Earbud Microphone. Compatible with HX210, HX280S, HX290,HX370S, HX380, HX40, HX400, HX851, HX870 and HX890.
Your Price:$39.95
Standard Horizon VHF Marine Antenna for Handhelds
Standard Horizon CAT460 Rubber VHF Marine Antenna for HX280S, HX290, HX370, HX370SAS, HX380S, HX400, HX400IS, HX851, HX870 and HX890.
Your Price:$17.95
Standard Horizon CMP460 Intrinsically Safe Remote Speaker Mic
Standard Horizon CMP460 Intrinsically Safe Submersible Remote Speaker Mic
Your Price:$52.95
Standard Horizon Alkaline Battery Tray for HX870/890
The Standard Horizon SBT-13 Alkaline Battery Tray allows you to use AAA batteries in your HX870 and HX890 VHF Radio.
Your Price:$22.95
Standard Horizon 12v. DC Cable for Handheld VHF
Standard Horizon DC Cable with 12v Cigarette Lighter Plug. Compatible with HX100, HX150, HX210, HX290, HX380S, HX751, HX851, HX870 and HX890. (Charges thru cradle that was included with your radio)
Your Price:$29.95
Standard Horizon SCH-11 Handheld VHF Hanger Bracket
Standard Horizon's SCH-11 Hanger Bracket will secure all Standard Horizon Handheld VHF Radios to a bulkhead. Simply slide the belt clip into the hanger bracket and your Standard Horizon Handheld VHF will stay secure on any bulkhead or vertical surface.
Your Price:$9.95
Standard Horizon 110VAC Charger for CD52/56/57 and HX870
Standard Horizon 110v. AC Charger for VHF Handhelds. Compatible with CD-52/56/57 Chargers and HX870. (Charges thru cradle that was included with your radio)
Your Price:$26.95
Standard Horizon Charging Cradle for HX870
Looking for a replacement or secondary cradle for your HX870? The Standard Horizon SBH-12 is the exact charging cradle that came with your HX870.
Your Price:$29.95
Standard Horizon MH-73A4B Submersible Speaker Mic
Standard Horizon MH-73A4B Submersible Speaker Mic for Standard Horizon HX210, HX380, HX400, HX870 and HX890.
Your Price:$49.95
Standard Mini Speaker Mic for Handheld VHF
Standard Horizon Mini Speaker Microphone for Handheld VHF Units. Compatible with HX290, HX370, HX370SAS, HX380, HX400, HX851, HX870 and HX890.
Your Price:$24.95
Standard Horizon SHC-28 Nylon Carry Case for HX870
Keep your Standard Horizon HX870 VHF Radio Safe and easily accessible with the SHC-28 Nylon Carry Case.
Your Price:$24.95
Standard Horizon SBR-13LI Li-ion Battery Pack
Standard Horizon Lithium-Ion Battery for HX870 and HX890.
Your Price:$44.95