Furuno MU190T Multi Touch Marine Monitor

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Furuno MU190T Multi Touch Marine Monitor

The Furuno MU190T Monitor is a multi-purpose, multi-touch marine 19" LCD that features the unmatched quality and reliability which everyone has come to expect from Furuno when paired with a NavNet TZtouch Black Box System.
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Super Bright LCD Perfect for a Fly Bridge or Wheel House

Furuno’s MU190T Multi Touch Marine Monitor is 19” of hi visibility display that is comfortable in a Glass Bridge installation or on the fly bridge. When Furuno set out to create the best “Pinch to Zoom” monitors on the water, they ended with their Multi Touch Marine Monitors, of which the MU190T is the middle size but packs a very large punch.

The MU190T is a full 19” 1280 X 1024 monitor that works perfectly with the Furuno TZ Touch Black Box system to give you a high tech all glass bridge. The marine environment provides one of the most challenging settings for electronics and the Hi Brite Multi Touch MU190T Monitor from Furuno not only meets this challenge but exceeds it. The MU190T provides a 300% brighter screen than most off-the-shelf multi touch monitors 250 cd compared to 800-1000 cd for the MU190T. The PCtouch (Projected Capacitive) that is part of the MU190T provides the ultimate in responsive sensitivity which is required to make full use of the NavNet TZTouch black box system.

Like the others in the line of Multi Touch Monitors from Furuno, powering your monitors should not be a struggle, which is why these monitors allow you to connect either AC or DC power. If you wish you can connect to both at the same time. This will be sourced first to DC and if that power is lost the AC power will automatically start without interruption. The MU190T is rugged enough to withstand condensation, salt water exposure, sunlight reflection, night vision, and overheating, to mention just a few of factors that a marine display must face and function in.

If you are looking to complete your TZ Touch installation the MU190T Multi Touch Marine Monitor may be the perfect solution to install in either your Pilot House or Fly bridge.

Furuno MU190T Display Details
Each Furuno MU190T Display comes with: Furuno MU190T 19" Touch Screen, Mounting Gasket, VGA Cable, DVI Cable, USA Power Cable Assy, EU Power Cable, 1.8m Type A USB Cable, Product Material CD, Key Hole Bracket for flush mount, 2p Terminal Connector, 5p Terminal Connector and a Two-Year Warranty.
Size:16.89"W x 15.04"H x 2.93"D
Display Size:19" Diag
weight:18 Lbs.
Furuno MU190T Special Features
  • Projected Capacitive (PCtouch) Multi Touch
  • 19.0 inch Display
  • Optimal Resolution and Hz: 1280 X 1024 @ 60 Hz
  • Multi-power 115/230VAC - 50/60Hz + 24VDC
  • Sunlight & Night Time View ability