Garmin Fenix 7 Silver with Graphite Band

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Garmin Fenix 7 Silver with Graphite Band

Garmin’s Fenix 7 is a top choice, rugged and reliable multisport watch. A larger 1.3” always on display provides both button and touchscreen control. Built with ABC sensors (Altimeter, Barometer and Compass) this watch provides health monitoring and multi-GNSS Support for traversing the open trails.
Color: Silver with Graphite Band, Size: 47mm Case
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Durable Multi-Sport Watch with larger 1.3” display!

Garmin’s Fenix 7 is a top choice for those who want to explore the outdoors, stay connected with their body and health and stay on the go longer with solar charging!

Bright, 1.3” display, the Fenix 7 offers both touch and button control, ABC sensors as well as maps for skiing, golfing, hiking and more included! With the Via the Connect IQ store, each user can download custom watch faces, add data fields, add apps/widgets to keep you connected while on the go. Smart notifications will come through and keep you to up speed with important emails, texts, and alerts right on your wrist when paired with a compatible device. Download music through your Spotify, Deezer, or Amazon Music playlist (subscription may be required) and listen via wireless headphones (sold separately) for phone free listening capabilities while on the go. Contactless payments will allow you to breeze through checkout lines keeping you on the move especially when you are in a time crunch.

Tested to U.S. military standards for thermal, water, and shock resistance ensuring that this watch can take on any adventures you endure. Garmin’s Fenix 7 allows operation through your choice of Touchscreen and button controls that work flawlessly in any environment allows for quick access to certain selections and functions perfect for life on the go. Navigate with ease with ABC sensors that include an altimeter for elevation data, barometer to monitor weather and a 3-axis electronic compass all of the most useful tools you need while navigating off the beaten path. The Up Ahead feature is great for selected points of interest checkpoints that are ahead of you and will allow you to view performance metrics, split times, and distance/elevation information of those specified points. Turn by turn navigation will notify you when your next turn is coming up and round-trip routing allows you to enter a distance you want to travel and get suggested routes that will bring you back to your starting point effectively while utilizing the Trendline popularity routing to help you find the best local paths to travel. *Please note, touchscreen can be disabled and full operation can be done thru button controls.

Activities and Seasons change and the Fenix 7 can surely adapt. Preloaded golf courses from all around the world provide you with up to 42,000 courses right on your wrist with button targeting and a PlaysLike distance feature. Download TopoActive maps from around the world with the built-in WiFi connectivity to load and update maps and software without the use of a computer. TopoActive maps will provide terrain contours, elevations, coastlines, rivers and other geographical features to help steer you in the right direction. The Fenix 7 offers preloaded activity profiles for trail running, swimming, running, biking, skiing, and more. Backcountry ski and XC Ski Dynamics keep you informed when in the snow. The Backcountry feature helps distinguish between skiing and climbing and shows metrics specific to either ascents or descents while the XC Ski Dynamics when paired with the HRM-Pro chest strap (sold separately) will assist in measuring actual exercise loads of your cross-country workouts. Take on the slopes with confidence with preloaded SkiView maps that offer run names and difficulty ratings with more than 2,000 worldwide ski resorts.

Garmin’s Coach feature you will receive free adaptive training plans that feature guidance from expert coaches allowing you to modify and adapt to new goals you set for yourself. Body battery energy, respiration tracking, and hydration tracking all work together to show your body’s energy reserves, while monitoring sleep, stress, and more while checking daily fluid intakes with reminders to stay hydrated throughout your day. Respiration tracking throughout your day will show how you’re breathing during sleep, workouts, and yoga activities allowing you to make changes on the fly.Daily workout suggestions, performance metrics, and recovery time advisors all work together to provide you with daily recommendations based on current training modes, offer running dynamics where heat and altitude adjust VO2 max for trail running adjustments. HIIT workout profiles track training workouts including AMRAP, EMOM, Tabata, and custom workouts allowing you to set the number of rounds, work/rest intervals, and more. Utilize the recovery time advisor to gauge when you will be ready for your next workout after you finish one.

The Garmin fenix 7 series is compatible with Garmin Outdoor+ Maps. The Outdoor+ Annual plan allows access to a wide variety of premium mapping content that is regularly updated. These maps are delivered to your device via WIFI and are offered as a subscription through Garmin. Click here to purchase an Outdoor+ Maps Annual Plan. A 1-year subscription gives you access to content for all 50 U.S. states and includes Enhanced Topo Maps, Satellite Imagery, Freshwater Features, State Plat Maps, Hunting Units, Raster Maps and more!

Garmin’s Fenix 7 Series available in multiple colors and sizes. Click Here to see them all!

Battery Life:
  • Smartwatch Mode- Up to 18 days
  • Battery Saver Watch Mode- Up to 57 days
  • GPS Only- Up to 57 hours
  • All Satellite Systems With Music- Up to 10 hours

Garmin Fenix 7 Box Contents

Each Garmin Fenix 7s Comes with:
  • Garmin Fenix 7 Silver with Graphite Band
  • Charging/Data Cable
  • Documentation
  • One Year Warranty

Garmin Fenix 7 Key Features

  • Larger, Always On 1.3” Display!
  • 24/7 Health Monitoring
  • Button and Touchscreen Controls
  • Multi-GNSS Support – GPS, GLONASS & Galileo
  • Built in Sensors for outdoor navigation
  • Size: 1.85"W x 1.85"H x .55“D
Garmin Fenix 7 Series Owners Manual Click Here

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