Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 126sv GN+

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Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 126sv GN+

The ECHOMAP Ultra 126sv with GN+ has a large 12-inch keyed-assist IPS touch display with preloaded US coastal and inland lake coverage with Auto Guidance+ technology. Internal CHIRP sonar, with ClearVu and SideVu support provides crisp, clear high contrast views under your vessel when paired with a compatible Transducer.
Transducer Required for Sonar Capabilities, Sold Separately.
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12-Inch Chartplotter/Fishfinder with GN+ Charts

The Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 126sv GN+ features a 12-inch keyed-assist IPS touch display with 10Hz internal GPS receiver and preloaded Garmin Navionics+ charts including coverage for US inland lakes and coastal waters. The included Garmin Navionics+ charts provide Auto Guidance+ technology* which provides the best path to a waypoint taking into consideration your vessel. Navigate with ease with the ECHOMAP Ultra 126sv! The Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 126sv is the largest in the ECHOMAP series.

The ECHOMAP Ultra 126sv has an internal sounder supporting Garmin ClearVu, SideVu and traditional sonar (transducer required, sold separately). A single 12 pin connection on the back of the display makes connection a breeze and since this unit allows you to select the transducer you want, Garmin even includes a 8 to 12 pin adapter making it a breeze to adapt an older 8 pin transducer to this unit (*please note 8 pin transducers will not provide CHIRP ClearVu or SideVu). Built-in Garmin Vivid Color Palettes make it easy to distinguish targets and structure on your display.

The 126sv is compatible with the full line of Garmin Panoptix products. Get real-time sonar images below your boat with the Panoptix LiveScope Plus Transducer System. See fish respond to your lure and adjust your fishing technique accordingly! Shop the Garmin Panoptix LiveScope Plus here.

Wanting multiple displays, but not needing all the bells and whistles of a fully networkable unit? The ECHOMAP Ultra has you covered, with 2 network ports the 126sv will allow you to connect and share sonar, waypoints and routes with other ECHOMAP Ultra 10" and 12" units as well as ECHOMAP Plus 7" and 9" units. Plus with Built-in WIFI you get access to the ActiveCaptain app - access maps and the QuickDraw Community, plan a trip, pre-fish a lake and even get texts and emails on your display (but that’s only if you want to, this can be turned off so you can enjoy a carefree day on the water without being bothered).

The Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra is equipped with 1 NMEA0183 input and output port, Wireless connectivity, and NMEA2000. Easily connect heading sensors, autopilot, digital switching, FUSION-Link and more! And when your day of fun on the water is over, the 126 quickly and easily disconnects from the quick-disconnect mount. Since all the cables are plugged into the mount there’s no need to mess with plugging and unplugging cables. Simply remove the head unit and store it away for safe keeping!

While the Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 126sv is preloaded with Garmin Navionics+ charts, there is a premium chart option available, sold separately. The Garmin Navionics Vision+ charts provide additional detail for the coverage area of your choice including High Resolution Relief Shading, Aerial Imagery, Satellite Overlay and more! Garmin Navionics Vision+ charts are sold on SD/microSD card and require the use of the Garmin ActiveCaptain app to access premium features.

Compatible with Garmin Navionics Vision+

*Please note, This display has a single 12 Pin Transducer Port. Garmin 12 Pin orange connectors do not support speed thru water via a speed wheel. This display will provide speed over ground via GPS. Speed thru water can be achieved by adding a NMEA Smart sensor, sold separately.

*Garmin Auto Guidance is for planning purposes only and does not replace safe navigation options.

Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 126sv GN+ Box Contents

Each Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 126sv GN+ Comes with:
  • ECHOMAP Ultra 126sv GN+
  • Power/Data Cable
  • Tilt Mount with Quick Release Cradle
  • Flush Mount
  • Protective Cover
  • Hardware
  • Documentation
  • 2-Year Warranty

Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 126sv GN+ Key Features

  • Preloaded GN+ Charts for US Coastal and Inland Waters
  • Auto Guidance+ Technology
  • Garmin Panoptix LiveScope and LiveScope PLUS Compatible, *Sold Separately
  • Compatible with a Wide Range of Transducers, Sold Separately
  • Built-In Quickdraw Contours
  • Size: 13.4"W x 9"H x 3.9“D

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