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Garmin SteadyCast Heading Sensor
Garmin's SteadyCast Heading Sensor offers a simple solution to heading accuracy. Easy to Install with a 10Hz output rate and accuracy to +/- 3°

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Furuno PG500R Heading Sensor
Furuno PG500R Heading Sensor.
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Furuno PG700 NMEA 2000 Heading Sensor
The PG-700 Integrated NMEA 2000 Heading Sensor is a rate compensated heading sensor that incorporates innovative electromagnetic compass technology for highly accurate and stable readouts of your ship's heading.
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Garmin 9-Axis Heading Sensor
Garmins 9 Axis Heading Sensor provides accuracy +/- 2°. 10Hz Output Rate ensures your chart orientation and boat heading is accurate with reality. Premium Heading Accuracy at low speeds and even when bow is pitching, rolling or heeling over.

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