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Icom MA500TR AIS Transponder
The Icom MA500TR AIS Transponder will send and receive Class B AIS information that you can display on your compatible chartplotter and on the MA500’s included display.
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Garmin AIS 600 Automatic Identification System Transceiver
The Garmin AIS 600 Transceiver will receive class A and B AIS transmissions as well as send AIS data via its 2W class B transmitter. Avoid collisions and boat safely with this dual channel AIS transceiver on board. *MMSI Programming Included.
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Raymarine AIS700 AIS Transceiver
Raymarine AIS700 Class B AIS will transmit your vessels information while receiving broadcast from other vessels in the area. Built in splitter along with its compact design allows for easy installation.
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Furuno FA50 Class B AIS Transponder
The Furuno FA50 Class B AIS Transponder is a great add on for any vessel traveling long distances or working in crowded shipping lanes. Receive and transmit important information like ship’s position, course, speed and call sign.
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Raymarine AIS650 Class B AIS Transceiver
The Raymarine AIS650 is a perfect add on to your Raymarine network. Simple Plug-and-play connection for an easier installation to increase safety and situational awareness. The AIS 650 will also interface through NMEA 2000, NMEA 0183 and USB.
Order now through July 6th, 2018 and get up to a $1500 Mail-in Rebate from Raymarine! A Minimum Purchase of $2500 in Raymarine Product Required to Qualify.
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Si-Tex MDA 1 Metadata Class B AIS Transceiver
Si-Tex MDA-1 Metadata-Class B AIS Transceiver with internal GPS 50 channel Smart Receiver will provide maximum range and exceptionally efficient real time AIS message processing for all AIS messages.
Price Includes Programming.
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