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Si-Tex SVS-460C Chartplotter with Internal Antenna
Si-Tex’s SVS460 is an affordable Chartplotter solution when space is limited. A bright 4.3” Color display with included Navionics+ Mapping, “Dual-Fuel” Charting enabling the uses of C-MAP cartography, keypad and rotary knob controls and Internal GPS Receiver. Rugged and Waterproof.
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Si-Tex SVS-1010C with Internal Antenna
Bright 10.1” Display! Si-Tex’s SVS-1010C Chartplotter with 52 Channel Internal GPS Receiver provides a quick and accurate satellite position and shows your boat moving fluidly onscreen on the included Navionics+ Mapping. Rugged and Waterproof, the SVS-1010 can withstand even the harshest environments. Exceptional Value and Performance.
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Si-Tex Explorer NavPro with External GPS Antenna
The NavPro Charting System from Si-Tex is a Black Box System that can turn any VGA Display or PC Monitor into a full C-Map Charting System. Includes 2 NMEA183 Ports and comes packaged with External GPS Smart Antenna.
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Sitex Trawl Plot 12 SD 12.1” Chartplotter
The Sitex Trawl Plot 12SD is a work horse chartplotter built for the commercial marine industry. Beyond the large 12.1” color LCD display is unlimited waypoint and track storage using removable SD cards. If that was not enough you can even add sonar, radar and AIS.
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Sitex SVS-760C Chartplotter
The Si-Tex SVS-760C with external 50-Channel GPS receiver provides quick and accurate position shown on the bright 7” Display. With the ability to save up to 20,000 Waypoints and 100 Routes, the SVS760C is perfect for small commercial boats or serious fisherman. Included Navionics+ charting.
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Sitex SVS-460CE 4
Sitex’s SVS-460CE with included Navionics+ Charting for all of North America provides exceptional performance without the high end price tag. Rugged and designed to withstand the elements this bright 4.3” color display includes an external antenna, Dual Charting options and LED backlighting.
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Si-Tex SVS-1010CE with External Antenna
Si-Tex’s SVS-1010CE Chartplotter with External GPS Receiver offers Dual-Fuel Charting. Preloaded with Navionics+ Mapping the SVS-1010 can also accept CMAP Cartography. Designed for use on nearly every vessel whether recreational or commercial this 10.1” Color display provides exceptional performance at an affordable price.
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